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VTEC Exam Center is your facility for DOT physicals, DOT drug testing, DOT random consortiums, employer drug testing, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) required drug testing, and drug testing for the individual. Located in Ripon, California, We proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Stockton, Manteca, Modesto, and Turlock, California.

DOT Physicals

If you’re looking for a same-day, walk-in DOT physical exam, Valley Truckers Exam Center (VTEC) is the company for you.

DOT Random Consortium

Trucking companies including owner operators are required to have random drug and alcohol testing…

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Most employers in California are drug testing their employers. DOT regulated employers are required to drug test their employees….

DNA Paternity Testing

In order to ensure a child’s well-being and to help protect their legal rights, DNA paternity testing might be needed….

Collection Site

Many times an employer, lab or TPA need a urine specimen collection, hair specimen collection or a breath…


Fingerprinting has been around since the 1800s, and there’ s no reason for it to go anywhere. This process is a fast and proven…

Chiropractic Care

Dealing with injuries and pain can be a very time-consuming and annoying process. Hours at the doctor, pill after pill, missed…

Background Screening

A company is only as good as the people it hires. Screening the background of potential employees is an…

VTEC Exam Center

The Valley Truckers Exam Center (VTEC) is your source for drug and alcohol testing including onsite DOT physicals. Dr Bedikian, who is providing physicals, is an FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner. Competitive local pricing. Hassle-free exams. Convenient hours and location. No appointments needed – walk-ins welcome!

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Consortium Membership Has Its Privileges

Join our DOT random testing consortium for full compliance with FMCSA regulations for random drug and alcohol testing. The DOT consortium package is a turnkey program getting you into compliance immediately.

Our consortium members received discounted pricing on all drug testing and on DOT Physicals.

We Train Your Supervisors Well

The DOT requires that all supervisors of covered drivers undergo two hours of training to learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace. The VTEC Consortium offers superb training that provides supervisors with tools to maintain the benefits of a drug-free workplace and determine “reasonable cause” situations.

Specimen Collections & Breath Alcohol Testing

Have a driver in the Modesto, Stockton, or Ripon, California or surrounding areas, and need a drug test? You can look no further VTEC Exam Center can provide specimen collection and breath alcohol testing for your drivers. VTEC works with all Labs, TPA’s and background check providers to provide specimen collections.

Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Whether DOT or Non DOT, VTEC can assist with your drug testing and Drug Free Workplace Needs.

Our facility in Ripon, California, provides pre-employment testing, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing, return to duty and follow up testing all for both drugs and/or alcohol.