Background Check and Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting has been around since the 1800s, and there’ s no reason for it to go anywhere. This process is a fast and proven way to check the background of any individual, which makes the hiring process much easier. While the process of fingerprinting has always been fast and effective, the technology has advanced greatly over the years. Today, the process of fingerprinting is easier than ever.

Why Use Fingerprints?

One of the greatest aspects of a fingerprint is that none of them are identical — each fingerprint is unique. That being said, every print only belongs to one person — hence why fingerprints are used in criminal investigations. Given this great quality of fingerprints, they are the absolute best means to find someone’s identity. Another great benefit of fingerprints is that we leave them everywhere. Every time we touch something, a fingerprint is usually left by us. Doors, railings, walls; they are found on everything we touch. While that might leave you walking to the sink to wash your hands, this is a great purpose when trying to find a criminal. Typically a criminal will get caught by a fingerprint analysis from touching a weapon nearby or something else. In addition, not only do these fingerprints help in criminal situations, they can also help in the connection of multiple criminal occurrences. After someone is convicted of a crime, that charge will go on their criminal record, which can be found through fingerprint identification. Fingerprint identification also helps track a person’s previous arrests, convictions, and helps in the sentencing process.

The Importance of Quality Fingerprinting Services

Whether it’s for work, schooling, or anything else, fingerprints are very important. Not only do fingerprints tell if someone is a criminal, but fingerprints are also a very reliable and proven way for a background check on anybody. The being said, using a reliable source for your fingerprinting services is key to a healthy and safe workforce. Adding to the importance of quality fingerprinting services, there can never be an error. Let’s say that a new employee passed the fingerprint check for a new job, but it turns out that they have some crimes on their record. If the fingerprint test made them pass for some reason, there can be massive legal problems down the road. That can pose a huge risk to anyone involved, in addition, to fear throughout the company. So while it’s very important to have fingerprint tests done for new employees of a job, it’s equally important that these services are done by high-quality sources.

We Have Top-Notch Fingerprinting and Background Check Solutions

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