Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Trusted Family Chiropractor & Physiotherapy Treatment

Dealing with injuries and pain can be a very time-consuming and annoying process. Hours at the doctor, pill after pill, missed time at work — pain treatment can be a nightmare. But if you’re looking to relieve your pain with professional, drug-free methods, chiropractic care is the answer. For hundreds of years, chiropractic services have been used to treat personal injuries, work related injuries, and the normal wear and tear that our bodies see on a daily occurrence. In addition, these issues can happen at any age. If you happen to live in Ripon, California or the surrounding area and you’re searching for chiropractic care, give VTEC Exam Center a call today! Our chiropractors have years of experience in the field and they can treat a wide variety of common health issues, including:

  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic muscle pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Most musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries
  • Nerve disorders
  • Pain and stiffness
  • Sciatica pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Tendonitis
  • Whiplash and other traumatic injuries

No matter what pain or discomfort you’re dealing with, our chiropractors and health specialists can find the best-suited treatment plan for your specific needs. We specialize in fast, effective, and affordable treatment, so you can go back to living a normal, pain-free life quickly.

Work Related Injuries

Given the wide variety of jobs out there, work injuries are very common. No matter where you work and what you do, there is certainly a risk of injury. In fact, it is even common to see work related injuries at jobs where you sit at a desk all day. Although these jobs don’t require any strenuous activity, the constant sitting can create posture issues, muscle stiffness and tightness, and other health problems. No matter where you work, it’s vital that you take extra caution when handling hazardous materials and make sure that you follow proper procedures in the workplace when it comes to your health.

Personal Injuries

Chances are that you’ve experienced a personal injury at some time in your life. Whether you pulled your back from lifting that couch, or whether you stubbed your toe on that bedside table, personal injuries are very common. While these injuries are usually pretty mild, they can also be severe. With how much exposure we have to dangerous materials and the many dangerous scenarios we can get ourselves into, personal injuries can happen at any turn. Depending on what type of personal injury you’re dealing with, chiropractic care is a great treatment option.

How Our Chiropractor/Doctor Can Help

When you contact VTEC Exam Center for your chiropractic care visit, our professional chiropractor/doctor will first ask you about how your pain started. They’ll ask about your health history and how long you’ve been dealing with the pain. Depending on the evaluation, our chiropractor might do some deep tissue massage, manual adjustments, and other services to help ease the pain and reduce inflammation. After the initial appointment, our doctor will discuss the best treatment plan for your needs. Whether you’re recovering from a personal injury or if you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for years, our (family) chiropractic care center is here to get you back to a pain-free life. Established in 1982, VTEC has been providing exceptional DOT physicals, alcohol/drug testing, and now top-notch chiropractic care services. Located in Ripon, CA, we are proud to also serve those in the surrounding areas. Contact VTEC Exam Center today for more information.